Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Dancing Queen...

Well, this just proves it, dosen't it? She IS my niece... Lil Baby Girl Nia...

And isnt she a natural... like a duck taking to water... just like me... (read all about my dancing skills here)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Life as I know it...

I wondered... How long since i have been around? I typed my DOB into WolfarmAlpha (which is a fantastic info portal BTW) and got this answer

Time difference from today (Sunday, September 20, 2009):

29 years  11 months  17 days ago

1563 weeks  4 days ago

10945 days ago

29.96 years ago

Well, apparently not too long ago eh?

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Workaholics anonymous...

I was at Cochin yesterday on client calls when I got a call from one of the office numbers...

Me: "Hello"

Parvathy: "Hey, just called when I got some free time... 30 secs!"

Me: "Ok..."

Yes, thats right, I was confused... after all, Parvathy, my Programing Head, was supposed to be on leave and even so, why was she calling me?

Me: "What are you doing at office?"

Parvathy: "What do you mean 'what are you doing at office'! I told you I'd be coming"

Well, on the contrary, she had actually told me that she would NOT be coming... but what the hey!

Me: "Ok... So whats happening there?"

Parvathy: "Oh! Im so tired... So much work to do"

Me: "Ok.. then go home and enjoy your leave dude!"

Parvathy: "You know I cant... and since when have you started to call me 'dude' !"

You can make out just how much girls don't like something just by the tone of their voices... and yeah maybe we are not to call colleagues "dudes"

Me: "Err..."

Parvathy: "Don't 'Err' me ok? And don't forget... make sure you buy groceries when you return from office today... IF you want dinner!"

At once the detective in me woke up... I got this strong feeling that something was definitely not right...

Me: "Parvathy! This is George here!"

Parvathy: "What? George? Aaiiyyoooo.... I thought I was speaking to my husband!"

And she quickly hung up!

So, is there something like being too engrossed in work? Is there something like working too hard? Well, if there is, then the award definitely goes to Mrs Parvathy Nair!

You know you are working too hard when:

1) You go to office even when you are on leave...
2) You dial your colleague's number when you actually want to talk to your husband...
3) Having dialed the number you fail to realize the person on the other side is NOT your husband even after talking for 5 mins!!!


Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Theft... is the need of the hour!

So, after 2 long years i finally landed up at my home for this year's Onam yesterday. Ahhh... let me clarify... even though it sounds like i have led a nomadic life in the wilderness of the Himalayas or something, and ended up in me stumbling up in front of my parents one fine monsoon morning, this is not so much the case. I have been very much among civil society... well apparently!

Why 2 years? Well, last year i was whooping my a** at Great Lakes doing my MBA and the previous year my parents had deserted me for my sister! (there were visiting them during the time)

Anyway... I was so happy to be back home... especially since i have not had the chance to come here ever since i took up my current job... and to think, my parents stay jst 60Kms away! I was happy for 2 reasons 1) coz its just good to be home 2) I get to enjoy my Amma's fabulous dishes... so many of them... the curries, the Payasams etc...

I had told Amma to prepare all my favourite dishes and be ready for something like a raging bull thru a china shop... but i really dint expect to see what i saw.

If there is a competition for miniaturizing an Onam Sadhya, my Amma would have won it hands down... when i sat down to eat the sumptuous sadhya, all i got were 3 curries and that too rationed! Well probably she was tired and could not make many curries since we have very little help at home. I bit down on this bitter fact while biting down of some bitter gourd.

The high point of any sadhya is the very sweet and tasty Payasam. And as soon as i had finished my meager rationed Sadhya, i waited anticipatedly for the Payasam. I think i really had the look of a puppy waiting for its timely meals. I understood that coz the moment Amma gave me my share of Payasam, i let out a loud whimper...

Even the Payasam was rationed out!! I got probably 2 ml of the stuff... just enough to get a taste of it...

I protested... vehemently... and just as vehemently Amma shot down my protest with one little word "Price Rise"... Ok 2 little words... but you get the point...

Anyway... I plan to do the unthinkable today... I need my fair share of Payasam,... inflation be damned! Im gonna raid the fridge tonight...

In the good old days a hungry, starving guy had to only steal from the local khiranan shop... but what a world we are in when a guy has to steal from his own house just to eat!!!