Sunday, November 30, 2008

Rain Rain go away...

There are rains... and then there are RAINS!!!

RAINS is what we witness at channai for almost a week due to a cycloning depression in the Bay of Bengal. And to say that we were all in a state of great depression by the end of this ordeal will be putting it a bit too lightly!

Chennai had been inundated by incessant rains. By friday all the surrounding dams were so full of water that the govt. had no option but to open them and let the water out which meant that almost all the roads in chennai and especially the low lying areas witnessed floods. Infact the floods were so severe that the road ways were turned into waterways and the govt pressed inflatable motor boats in service along on the roads... Yes! thats right on the roads... to ferry stranded people to drier ground!

The scene in front of our college was so spectacular that it gave a different meaning to the name "Great Lakes"!

A few Pics...


Friday, November 28, 2008

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Woke up at 6 AM
Class at 7:30 AM
Too sleepy to get out of bed

Slept for another 15 mins
Have to get my ass out of bed
Can't miss class

Got up and brushed
That really din't help wake me up
Decided a bath could do the trick

Dragged myself to the bathroom
Switched on the heater
In the mean time, took a quick 5 Mins standing snooze

Boiling hot water burnt thru my feet
Danced around a bit
Something out of a tribal ritual

Poured the warm water on me
Ohh! That felt good
Felt even more sleepy!

Reached out for my soap
A sever pain shot up my arms
My fingers were bleeding

What the @#$%&&*@& 
Who keeps a razor blade in the soap box??
But it woke me up all the same

I peered in to the soap box for the weapon
but dint find any there
All I saw was Mr V's Cintol soap

Then I realised
The weapon in question was indeed Mr V's soap
It had worn down so thin that it had the thickness and sharpness of a razor blade

Is this what happens to one when you give up our job to come and do an MBA???
Frugality, thy name is Mr V!

The Weapon in Question!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Saving Grace!

I was fast running out of ideas. Frantically, I flipped thru the innumerous pages that I hoped held the key to salvation from my woes. Though the air-conditioning was at full blast, I could feel the sweat trickle down my brows. In the 10 minutes I sat there stumped, I let out so much water that it would have looked as if it rained inside the hall... and to think, it wasn't all sweat!!

I had, but 15 minutes to complete the one problem I felt would decide my fate for the Optimisation Techniques examination I was sitting thru. If i din't have the answer to this, I risked failing for the exam...

I search high and dry all over the book... and by the end of the search, I was even more low and wet...

I rackled my brains for something I might have missed... and realised I had very little brains to rackle in the first place...

I concentrated hard in trying to remember something that the Prof might have said... but i had never paid attention in his class to begin with...

I even prayed... 

And yet I could think of nothing... I was as blank as a frog staring at a flash light... and on top of it, I was starting to croak from dehydration from all the sweating and wetting I was doing...

I started getting fidgety... and the Dementors sensed it too... all three of them swooped down on me... the bunch of them... to suck out the last bit of life I had in me. I could barely breathe... not with all three of them breathing down my neck... everything started going black... I could feel the happiness go out of my life...

I knew I had to escape the grip of the Dementors. I looked around for some way of escape... something that would deliver me from the creatures... thru the corner of my eye I could see the rest of my classmates in a state of shock at my plight... but they seemed powerless to do anything at all... they knew that if they as much as moved an inch from their position, the creatures would be upon them in an instant...

It is in times like that this that I feel God does exist... just when I felt all hope was lost, I caught sight of her... her face gave me the small light of hope that I was looking for... I felt all my strength and happiness return in full vigour... and the sight of hope and happiness on my face had the strength of the Petronus Charm... In an instant, it drove all the Dementors away from me...

Her face... Miss S's face... that's what saved me... Her face showed me the path... It gave me the idea I was looking for... 

All I needed to do was put in a Dummy Supply variable!!!


Thursday, November 06, 2008

Klarity is key

"Shoo Shoo"

We were in the middle of a class when she started this Shoo-ing business... 

I looked across to her, half expecting something out of loony tunes. I'd always thought of her as one of the characters of the show which came alive due to some hand of god - something like Daffy Duck. As usual she had her arms flying about as if swatting flies... but only this time the expected flies were not anywhere there...
The Prof went on "If you were given the choice of starting a business, what would it..."

"Shoo Shoo" 

Man.. She even cut the Prof short! I always knew she was a bit shushy in the head... but not to the extend of Shoo-ing when a Prof is speaking! And to top it off, she had both her arms waving about now... But where were the flies? What was she Shoo-ing at?

The Prof regained his composure after this moment's distraction and continued with the lecture. The class went on smoothy for some time after that (mainly due to the fact that Mr A and I had pinned her down) till just before the break the Prof again asked some question related to the subject.

I need to be blamed I guess, if you ask me... In a moment's weakness I let go of my iron grip on her and she shot up instantly 

"Sir Shoo"

There ought to be special institutions for such people is what I say. I mean, yes, we were due for a well deserved break, but that doesn't give you the right to go Shoo-ing every other person, let alone a Prof!

"Miss, is there something I can help you with?" I could see the restraint in his voice as our Prof tried to make sense of her behaviour. 

"Shoo Sir, Shoo"

Everyone in class, including the Prof, looked at her... scandalized... and I went down on my knees imploring "Why God? Why??"

At the rate at which she was Shoo-ing, she sure was on a sure shot way out of the college. 

"If you need a break, just tell me. Its not polite Shoo-ing people" and the Prof gave us a break.

I had a good mind to strangle her... what was her problem anyway! The way she was going about the whole thing was enough to make you think she was some wayside Jilebi seller in her pervious birth... or maybe that was what she was doing before joining our college and making like all Shooy for the rest of us!

"Dude! What's your damn problem? You cannot just go Shoo-ing Profs u'know??!!" 

"Oye! Get Lost! I'm not Shoo-ing him! Im telling him my business idea... I trying to tell him that I wanna start a Shoe Store!!"

That my friend, in a nut shell, is the ever effervescent Miss S! 


Monday, November 03, 2008

Power play...

Poor Mr B got this mail from our Honor Code Committee after today's class.

"Dear fellow Champ,

This mail is to inform you that you have committed the infelicitous sin of attending the elective class an entire hour after the lecture commenced. The disturbance caused by you behavior has cause much pain and anguish for the professor and the other students present. 

As such the students were in their most inner self during their afternoon siesta while the Prof was rambling on about god-knows-what when you unceremoniously barged in disturbing the peace and tranquility of the highly valued Gurukul system of education at our institute. 

Not only did you disturb one and all, you went ahead and ridiculed the prof by giving a lecture on something connected to the subject. Though we admit that your lecture was much better than that of the prof, we regret to inform you that your attempt at terrorising the 84 students present at the time in class by imparting knowledge will not be taken lightly.

An even bigger sin is that you had the audacity of walking out of class after the Prof asked you to stop your crap. It is one thing walking into class and getting us remotely interested in a subject but quite another leaving us in that state of awakening.

This kind of behavior is highly frowned upon and is deemed a punishable offense under section 157 of the Guest Lecture Penal Code (GLPC) of the G. L. I. M. Honor Code (GLHC) inviting a maximum punishment fine of Rs 10000/- (Rs Ten Thousand Only) or Permanent expulsion from the institute or most likely both. 

If you fail to adhere by the rules and regulations of this institute by not paying the fine and accepting expulsion, you shall be deemed a revolutionary and shall be dealt with accordingly. You shall be ordered to sit for 25 three hour sessions of L&SCM. 

If you are not dead by that time or have not committed suicide, we shall put you thru 35 back-to-back sessions of Personality Plus. That, we are sure, will straighten you out - literally!

Looking forward to all cooperation from your side.

Have a lovely day


And to think, Mr B was never a part of this elective and just came due to special invitation from the Prof to take a lecture on that subject!

HCC kii Jai!
HCC kii Jai!
HCC kii Jai!