Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Lateral thinking...

At Great Lakes we come across (thru Profs or thru cases) many innovative ways of doing business. We also come across many even more innovative answers... Miss 1984 gave such an innovative answer to a question today (albeit, only to me) that it left me laughing so much that I finally got stomach cramps!

Our IT for Managers Prof. Dr Sunil Rai told us of a real life sales situation today. The case goes like, a major retail chain in the US experimented by placing Beer bottle packs right next to baby diapers. To their surprise they found that the sales of the beer soared! Why? 

Many answers were shot out, most pretty standard... someone said it was because it was placed close to the exit... someone said it was because it was priced low... (incidentally, nothing like low price or proximity to exit was mentioned by Prof. Rai)

Well, the real answer, Prof Rai told us, was that when these guys come to pick up diapers for their babies, they invariably pickup a pack of beer (maybe to drown their sorrows in)...

Hearing the answer Miss 1984 quickly turned to me and said in a hushed voice "That is why, eh?? I thought the diaper was because they would wanna go pee pee after drinking the beer YA!!"

Now, THAT'S lateral thinking!!!

Monday, July 28, 2008

The failed survey...

Im sure youv'e read this before, but im posting this anyway since its is so funny yet true!!

A worldwide survey was conducted by the UN. The only question asked was:

'Would you please give your honest opinion about solutions to the food shortage in the rest of the world?'

The survey was a huge failure, In Africa they didn't know what 'food' meant, In India they didn't know what 'honest' meant, 

In Europe they didn't know what 'shortage' meant, In China they didn't know what 'opinion' meant,

In the Middle East they didn't know what 'solution' meant, In South America they didn't know what 'please' meant, 

And in the USA they didn't know what 'the rest of the world' meant!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

A dreaded thought...

Many of my girl-friends from school started getting married once they finished their studies. and after the average of 2 years of waiting period before deciding on settling down to family life. 

Initially things were quite fine... things were, well, normal... Maria gave birth to a healthy baby boy, so did San... All of us friends were obviously happy for them... there were parties to celebrate the babies' birthdays year after year... 

Then out of the blue things started changing... Not that the babies were unhealthy... they were fine... in fact, each of them were cuter than the previous ones... what was different was the explosion in numbers! 

It all started with Smrithi... One fine morning she calls us up and announces... "Guys! I gave birth! and guess what! Twins!! :)) " 

We were all ecstatic... after all twins are not what you see every other day right... Almost 2 years have passed and Smrithi has her hands full with her two wonderful boys and her MDS studies...

Last week we got a call from another of our friends, Roshni... "Guys! I gave birth! and guess what! Triplets!!! :))" 

Woah! Put the brakes on please!! What's happenin?? Last i heard, Roshni has 3 babies to feed and only 2 bottles! In short, she has more than her hands full!!

I now dread the day my girl comes to me and tells me, softly in my ear, "George, I'm pregnant! Get ready for Quads!!" I've already invested in a 4 bedroom villa and keep a stack of emergency heart attack pills ready at hand in my pocket!


Friday, July 25, 2008

Inflation... how will we survive??

Inflation is the buzz word of the day. For the past few months all of India has been gripping in unprecedented rise in inflation culmination at close to 12% last week and there seems to be no sign of it going down any time The trouble is when it affects the very basic of food items that we consume on a day to day basis.

Even at the Great Lakes Simla Canteen inflation has raised its ugly head. We don’t get the sweet dessert for lunch now and a cake of Maggie noodles costs Rs 15. As a matter of fact, in one case we have been hit by much much more than the standard 12% inflation! 

And that too for a food item that most of us survive on... An item that give us the strength to carry thru the entire night... that VITAL FORCE!

Don’t believe me? Calculate then! The price of Sunfeast milk biscuit has gone up by Re 1 from Rs 3 to Rs 4!!

Thats 33.33% inflation!!! 

How will I survive now??? Boo Hoo Hoo...


Thursday, July 24, 2008

A very right thing to say...

My good friend Anoob (another article about him Here) has a peculiar way of either saying the very right things or the very wrong things ALL the time. For him there is no middle path. Its not that he thinks about the answers before saying it. It just comes to him spontaneously. He is too innocent at that.

Anoob did his engineering from a college in Bangalore along with my other friends Vinod and Shyam. As is usual for all engineering students across the country, they too would start studying for the term exams only a few days before it. So, in accordance to tradition, the three of them were busy studying with full concentration the day before a particularly difficult subject.

After while of futile efforts at understanding the subject, Shyam, who was sitting in the front room, out of shear frustration began to sing “Ennu theerum ente dukham innimannile...”. This is a Malayalam song that is usually sung in churches during funerals and it means “When will my troubles in this world be over...”.

The beauty of Anoobs innocence and spontaneity was revealed in full when within a fraction of a second he sang back to Shyam “Annu theerum ENTHE dukham innimannile...” meaning “Then MY troubles in this world will be over...”


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

10 things to do before i die...

Like most people, I too have dreams of some things that I want to do before I die. As a matter of fact, my real list is really really long and might infact stretch around the world. To make things a bit easier for the reader, ill publish just 10 things from that list.

1) Start my business - cud be an internet company or even a spice extraction unit. But only when have done it and succeeded in it would i call my self a success in life.
2) Visit Egypt and Machu Pichu
3) Adopt a child
4) Buy my dream Willys Jeep and RE bike and go to the Himalayas in it!
5) Get a Golden Retriever for a pet.
6) Learn to be the best darn photographer i can be.
7) Get Lenses in the range of 10mm to 800mm
8) Buy the top end Bose LifeStyle music system
9) Build a palatial but traditional Kerala illam overlooking green fields
10) And finally, Write a book.

Wonder how many of them will be possible. I would think 2, 4 and 5 are the easy ones. The rest are big challenges. Hope i will achieve them...


Writing is tuff work... trying to write humour is tuffer... and actually being funny is tuffest! 

As i have already said in a couple of posts, my aim for the month is to write at least one article a day. And i have said this whenever i had a missing day. As in, when nothing came to my head (as is usual) I wrote im supposed to be writing and just for the heck of it, i posted such articles with 2 sentences. 

I think i should have made my goal a bit more concrete and said ill post one funny article a day. Again its easy to cheat the system. All i need to do is post funny videos from youtube. But it again beats the purpose as im supposed to be writing funny articles myself.

So what have i learned over the last 20-odd days? That i have run out of funny incidents to write about, that i have had a life that can be summed up in less than 20 days, that i shall never ever take up such a challenge again. 


Monday, July 21, 2008

The new RE Thunderbird Twin Spark

I am a BIG (literally and figuratively) fan of Royal Enfield (RE) bike. It has been a long held dream of mine to own an Electra 5S. But the initial cost has been holding me back. But looks like my wait is getting rewarded...

RE has been comming out with  lot of technological break thrus of late the latest one being the twin-spark engine Thunderbird. The thunderbird is the ONLY TRUE cruiser bike in India. Other wannabes like Yamaha Enticer and Bajaj Eliminator are a joke. Infact the only thing about those bikes are their looks, which again is not too enticing! 

The RE Thunderbird is different. Its a mean machine and handles the highways like a song. I once had the opportunity of riding it for around 1000 Kms and it felt.. Great! Liberating! Truly a marvel of engineering...

Check out the new RE twin spark here --> http://www.royalenfield.com/ThunderbirdTwinspark/home.html

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Livin' La Vida Salsa...

The last 4 days have been lots of fun. We had Salsa and Jive week at Great lakes taught by Mr Unni.

26 (13 enthusiastic guys and 13 nervous girls - they were nervous seeing the guys' extreme enthusiasm) of us signed up for the first session which lasted 4 days, 2 hours a day. As was expected, most of the girls took to dancing as ducks take to water... they could atleast float if not swim! We guys on the other hand were like those bomber ships during the 2nd world war - Huge, bulky, lightning fast, full of fire in the belly, ready to shoot - and yet sank right down into the sea :-S

Salsa, even though conceived as a form of street dance, is a sophisticated art form requiring talent and grace. A lot of the fun depends on your partner. If the partner has talent, you can hide behind that glory. Being devoid of any talent, grace was the only thing I could rely upon to salvage my pride. But from what I hear from others who watched me and some other unfortunate souls who danced with me, I scored very high on the ‘Losers Hall-of-Fame' in both characteristics. I guess the problem is that I tend to kinda become all charged up when I hear lively music which makes me go into the realm of "Dappankooth" (a south Indian style of street dancing). Hey! In my defense, its atleast street dancing!!! At the end of it all we broke major myths - that we guys were good at dancing! Nothing could have been farther from the truth.

As for my partner, it was poor Miss Namratha. She is one of the smallest girls in our class (but very bubbly) and I'm no Tiny Tim myself. I think she got stuck with me coz while all the others were searching for partners, they probably dint see her. It was almost like David and Goliath dancing, except here David was a girl... And Goliath, as in the Bible, was me, the dumb Ogre... There was one more difference. In the legend David wins, but here neither of us won even though there was considerable violence and bloodshed... (punches on the face, arms twisting, backs cracking, toes bleeding... all the works!)

You don't believe me? Well on day One, we were taught the basics of Salsa and Jive. So, it was pretty fine except for the bleeding toes and twisting arms. But on the second day, the variations (some, pretty complicated) started. Yet, we danced away for the full 2 hours. Many a time I caught Namratha trying to sneak out of the back door, but me being the charged up guy that I was, I always managed to pull her back in. At one point, we were to do a sequence in Jive where the guy is supposed to balance the girl by the hips and swing her down - The Back Flip (please see pics). Namratha refused to do this step with me. She was scared that if I were to lose my balance and fall on her, she would be stuck to the floor, as flat as a pancake!

On the third day, my partner came to the dance floor and took a Bharatha Naatyam stance, Y'know with hands clasping the hips...

"Dude, we are not here to do Bharatha Naatam!", I told her sarcastically
"I'm not trying to do Bharatha Naatyam dumbo.. You broke my hip yesterday!!", she replied with fire raging in her eyes

Eeeps... I had done it again! Anyway we took it easy that day. Thursday was the grand finale'. The guys were to come dressed in semi formals and the gals in formal party dress.

I took Namratha aside and told her with an air of confidence "Get ready to be transported to a different place!" {Wink! Wink!}
"Where? You mean the hospital??? :-P", came her quick retort


Some Pics

The Dancers

The Dancers

The Ladies

The Ladies

The Gents

The Gents

The Back Flip

The Back Flip

Free Fall

Free Fall

Round and Round...

Round and Round we go

Havin' Fun

Havin Fun

Behind but not out...

Oh.. Oh.. Oh... im 2 days behind schedule... And still no posts... Not to worry ill be putting up one soon on the Salsa thing soon. With pics too!! 


Friday, July 18, 2008

Will i be able to do it?

My target for this month is to write one article a day... i.e. 31 articles in 31 days. Its 18th today and im fast running out of ideas. Ther is one thing that is pending from my side - the salsa blog. But im still int the process of writing it. 

Im not getting too much time nowadays with all the college work piling up. Looks like ill have to resort to writing serious stuff like this article... {bleach...}

Thursday, July 17, 2008

The first Glick Newletter is out :)

 My good friend Vivek and I formed a Photography club at Great Lakes and it has been a good journey so far. One of the ideas we had was for a fortnightly news letter. Im proud to say that the fist one is out. Yes, it might not be perfect, but its a start. Do give us feedback with all your comments... (of course the rendering is not perfect here...)


Copy pasting below the entire NL...

Welcome to Glick Monthly News Letter - July Edition

Foto of the Fortnight

The glow of nature

Glow Of Nature by Suvadip Das

And some that almost made it ...



Rebirth of the Mother







Topic for next FOF : " Beach Photography "


  • ONLY images taken between July 18th, 2008, 00:00 hrs and July 31st, 2008 23.59.59 pm are eligible for this competition.
    Please DO NOT post any images taken prior to July 18th, 2008. The competition will close midnight of July 31st, 2008.
    This is so that members do not keep sending in old pictures from their collections. We have incorporated 2 weekends into it.
    So guys, you have plenty of time :)

  • Be as creative as possible. Please see the Tips & Tricks section for some help on this specific challenge.
    For some sample beach pics, please visit the Glick Flickr Page

  • Any picture with Date and Time marker in it will be DELETED.

  • There are no limits on image post-processing. Edit to your tastes and the voters will decide if it's too much.

  • To preserve the EXIF-information, it is recommended to use the "Save As"-command instead of "Save for Web".

  • You are allowed to upload a MAXIMUM of THREE shots per competition so please DO NOT send in more than three shots.

  • Please give a title to each image of yours and EXIF details if possible including shutter speed and aperture settings.
    Also the camera with which you shot it and of course the date. This is most important. Any
    photograph with out a shot date in the EXIF data will be removed.

  • Those looking for critiques on their pictures may say so in the entry post.
    Please select one picture among the three that you will be submitting for the critique.
    Please mention if you would like it as part of the next Newsletter or if you would like individual mail on it.
    We would recommend that you opt for the Newsletter as any critique on your picture will help others too in the process.

    If you opt for Newsletter critique but we are unable to comply, we will send you personal critique.


  • Remove the Date and Time marker from your pictures. You can do this by changing the setting for this in your camera settings.
    All details like date and time are already embedded on to the pictures in digital cameras as EXIF data.
    So you will not loose information on when the picture was taken. Date and Time markers destroy the feel of the picture. For instance, take a look at this picture:


    (Click to view) An otherwise perfect picture, has been ruined just because of the date and time marker!

  • You can have a watermark with your name with copyright symbol. But be sure to place it at the left or right corner so as
    not to divert the viewers attention from the main subject. Preferably, put a border around your picture and have the watermark there.

  • Look for focal points: Instead of taking mundane and repetitive shots of the sea try to turn your camera
    to the life that is in the beach. If possible mix the life with the waters. Try long exposure shots to bring
    out the mood of the beach at night.

  • Timing is important: The start and end of days can present the best opportunities for shooting at the beach.
    There will be less people during the mornings but also you'll find that with the sun shining on an angle that
    you often get more interesting effects of shadows and colors - particularly in the evening when the light
    becomes quite warm and golden.

  • Watch the Horizon: Employ Rule-Of-Thirds to keep your photos off center for better effect.
    Take care to get the horizon to be parallel to one of the sides of the frame.

  • Fill Flash: If you're photographing people at the beach as a portrait and it's bright you'll find
    that they will almost always have shadows on their face (often cast by hats, glasses, noses etc).
    Switch on your flash and force it to fire when shooting in these situations and you'll find the shadows
    eliminated and your actual subject is well exposed. But take care not to over expose.
    If your subjects do look overexposed and you cant decrease the flash strength try moving back a little
    from your subject and using your zoom to get a tighter framing as this will decrease the impact of the flash.

  • Black and White: Do a little post photo production and see what impact stripping a photo of color has upon it.
    There's something about a black and white shot at the beach that completely changes the mood and feel of a shot.

Beach Photography Tips - Source:


Graduating from just a click to The Click...

Is it just clicking whatever comes your way? For most of us who loves to use the camera, this is the way how it works.
We generally click to record, copy pasting the present to be reviewed later. But for some of us it is a passion,
more than the picture it is the technicalities that they bother about (of course after the beauty of the snap),
a more technically sound picture is a better picture.

For most it is just fitting in all the twenty odd people into the frame,
but for some it's all about capturing the features of one single face and nothing more.
Most of the times we end up asking the question, "why is the picture that I take always looks bad,
and the same when taken by others become a master piece". We tend to attribute the causes to the instruments.
Is the cost of the camera directly related to the quality of your picture? It depends.
Try taking a picture with a costlier camera and see the difference. There is a difference for sure,
but for the picture to reach its zenith, there are a lot more things to be taken care. It's all about
how you see the subject, or how good you see through the view finder.

Is it enough if you start seeing things differently?
You can certainly improve if you understand how your camera works and what does each of those buttons and jargons stand for.

Let us start with the basics:

The more the exposure the whiter the picture, the lesser the exposure the darker it is.
You might have come across pictures where the face of your subject is simply burned off!!
For example a picture that was clicked with your flash on at a close range. Photograph the
sun and what you see just a white area with no specific boundaries, we may not find any objects
or details of any objects there. This is what we call Overexposure, meaning you simply exposed the
photo sensor of you camera for more time than what was required.

The other category is where we have the picture having a transparent dark curtain all over,
covering the entire picture. E.g.: A photo taken in a room with less light without the flash.
This is what under exposure is, meaning "I can't see anything properly, it's all dark!!!"

What is the exposure then?

Any body would say that it is how long you expose the film.
The correct exposure results when optimum amount of light falls on the camera
sensor (CCD). And this happens when your aperture and the shutter speed are set at the right values.


Over Exposure


Correct Exposure


Under Exposure


A few more helpful Links...



Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Salsa week at Great Lakes...

We have been having 2 hours of salsa and Jive classes all week from monday. After shaking my booty for the 2 hours, im pretty much tired and un able to think. And hence, not able to write too many article.

But rest assured, ill come out with an article on Salsa... for sure...

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Some ppl just don't get the hint...

There are many kinds of girls. Some are born beautiful. Some acquire it thru makeup and things. Some have no other option but to do reconstructive surgery! 

In any case, girls just love it when we give them a compliment. They light up... they flash a lovely smile... And if we comment on their lovely smile in the first place, they will smile even more and make you want to change your opinion. 

Like the talk I had with a girl recently. She is all smiles all the time...

Me: "Its good that you can smile at most things
Miss So&So: "Oh! thank You!"

Me: "No! I mean it"
Miss So&So: "Okies..."

Me "Of course it helps that you have a lovely smile" But I just couldn't resist the urge to say.. "In fact its Out of this World!!"

Miss So&So: "Oh! Thanks George!" and she smiled even more...

Monday, July 14, 2008

Ackmed The Dead Terrorist...

One of the funniest videos I've ever seen in my life... And I've become a fan of Jeff Dunham... He is a comedian ventriloquist... And if anyone were to say anything against him... "I kill U!"


Sunday, July 13, 2008


Oh Man!!! what a day it was... 

I went to meet up with a few friends in the morning and got a blooming headache by afternoon. Slept thru the entire afternoon and evening... and now I'm up sitting here at 11:30PM not feeling the least sleepy... 
but still have a bit of that headache going though...


Saturday, July 12, 2008

Swept away...

The cute little thing walked determinantly towards me. My heart skipped a beat. Girls have that effect on me... Especially if they are this cute. I smiled at her... And she smiled back... My heart skipped another beat...

Was she really coming towards me? I looked around. It was just me there. OMG!!! She WAS coming to me. Wooow...

She came and stood by me... I looked up at her glowing face. She was still smiling. I lost all pretences. I believe I even leaked from my mouth... Aaahhh... {Drip Drip Drip}

To top it all off, anything she did, any action, I saw in slow-motion. Like when she shook her head... and her little bun of hair came cascading down. Or like when she blinked... her long eyelashes swished in the air. Or like when she bent down... And said softly to me, in her sweet nightingale voice,
“George, I want to update my T-Shirt size...”

My jaws dropped... Did she just...? But, why...? Didn’t she know I’m married? Oh God!! Give me strength...

“Can I? Pleeeease?” she cooed

“Are you sure? Why me?” I asked confused

“Well, you are the only one around!”


“Cummon George... Help me out here please...”

“Ummm... What is it exactly that you require me to do?” I started sweating profusely...

“Well, just open it!”

“What!? No Way! Leave me alone please!” I implored...

“Dude... What are you getting all worked up for? I just wanted to update my T-Shirt size on the server for the college T-Shirts!! Can you open that excel sheet??”

“Oh! Is that all you wanted? Hee...
:-D Sure! Ill help you with that!”

Proves it, doesn't it? We men seldom think beyond a certain critical point...


Friday, July 11, 2008

The modern day bullies...

Child: "WWaaaaaahhhhh.... WWaaaaaahhhhh....."

Mom: "What is it Beta?"

Child: "I want my lolly..."

Mom: "Beta, you are not old enough to have a lolly..."

Child: "WWaaaaaahhhhh.... want my lolly..."

Mom: "Beta, look around... even your elder brother has not got a lolly..."

Child: "But... but..."

Mom: "Now, stop sounding like a moped and calm down..."

Child: "Mama.. when will i get a lolly?

Mom: "It will be atleast 2 years from now... when you have grown enough teeth bite the lolly"

2 years later...

Child: "Mom... are you getting me my lolly?"

Mom: "You are still not ready for a lolly..."

Child: "I am too... and don't think i dint know about you giving lolly to big bro after just 1 year!"

Mom: "Now, that was different... he deserved it. Dint you see the menacing teeth he had? You also got bitten once right?"

Child: "Yea, but now i have such teeth. See? {EEeeee}"

Mom: "Hmm so i see..."

Child: "So, are you giving me my lolly or what?"

Mom: "Well, what did Aunty Hira say?"

Child: "She told me that i should not be sad about not getting lolly this year!"

Mom: "Don't you think you should listen to Aunty Hira? Afterall she is a dentist. She might pluck out a few of your teeth if you don't"

Child: "Oh No you don't! Don't try that old trick on me... Im not falling for it!"

Mom: "I'm not pulling any trick Beta.. Honest!" {crossed fingers}

Child: "If you don't give me my lolly, I'm going to shift in with Kanom Aunty"

Mom: "Oh! I'm sure you won't!"

2 days later Mom got this note from the Child...

"I shall be shifting in with Kanom Aunty. She has promised me 2 lollies and also ginger sweet every other day! See you. I shall be clearing my stuff out this weekend"

Mom was in panic mode. The kids today have a very bad habit of doing wht they say... and she can't even do anything about it coz if she tried, the kid would call child support!

Mom: "Ok Beta. All the lollies are out of stock at the moment. So you will have to wait for a couple of days before i can get it for you ok?"

Child: "Well, you better! else im outta here..."

And so it is with kids (big and small) nowadays...


Hint: Look at label for clues.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The story of the ultimate creation...

In the beginning there was darkness, God and a whole lot of his gas...

Then God said “Let there be light” and a few clusters of his gas caught fire and its been burning ever since (makes you wonder doesn't it!?)

This made God say “Good Heavens!!” and thus the heavens were created, everything else became the earth.

He quickly made the plants and the animals and the days and the nights and the stars and the moon and everything.

Just when he should have stopped, he thought let me create this living wonder which walks on 2 legs.

And thus he created the Chicken and the rest they say... is KFC, the worlds tastiest corporation...

Ahhh... Finger Lickin' Good... 

Or in other words... Pure poetry...


Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Birthday Blues...

I met Smrithi when we were studying in 9th std. Though she hated my guts in the first year of our acquaintance, we quickly went on to become best of friends. We became such thick friends that we would spent every free time we had at school chatting with each other and then come home and be on the phone for another 2 hours more. And this used to be a daily affair. Even though we went on to doing different things in life (she became a dentist while I am an engineer), our friendship has not wavered over the years.

Smrithi used to be called ‘Kandu’ short for ‘Kandamrugham’ (hippopotamus). I don’t know how the name originated, but I cud definitely relate to it. She used to stomp all over me. One small flick with her arms, and I would fly half way across the room and land in a heap I some obscure corner. The only time I got to kick her ass was during exam times when I used to teach her physics, chemistry and math. And boy did I make good the opportunity! But it never did her any damage, she being a Kandu and all.

I could probably fill an entire volume the size of the Mahabharatha writing about Smrithi, but for this piece ill stick to one major bone of contention between us – the issue of remembering birthdays.

We boys are mostly bad at remembering important dates and so for the last 12 years I’ve invariably got a call from her on 8th July without fail...

Smrithi: “Hii..”
Me: “Hey.. Wazzaup”

: “Nothing much”
Me: “Alrite.. Cool”

Smrithi: “So, did you forget something?”
Me: “Errr....”

Smrithi: “Today is 8th of July”
Me: “Errr....”

Smrithi: “What’s special about today?”
Me: “Hmm... Its 4 days after 4th of July?”

Smrithi: “Grrr... No! Its my Brithday!!”
Me: “Oh! Ok!”

: “Then say the magic words”
Me: “Umm.. ‘Give me a treat’?”

Smrithi: “Ooff... you are impossible!”
Me: “I know :-D”

This year I decided that past was past and that I would sprout a new leaf. On the 8th of July, as the clock struck 12AM, I sent her a warm SMS wishing her. I dint want to call her, not because I dint want to disturb her tranquil sleep, but cos I dint want to disturb and wake up her really cute twin 2 year old boys.

I dint get a reply until 7 Am. I expected an outflow of emotion (Yea.. She is very emotional). I expected her to cry her heart out. I expected a truck load of adoration. I expected sincere thanks. I expected to be called for a fabulous dinner as a token of appreciation. I expected all this, afterall I DID finally remember her birthday!! (For once!)

But when the reply SMS came, it simply said “Who’s this?”


P.S: Actually her husband bought her a new mob and when she transferred her contacts, my number was somehow missed out... Atleast that what she says... :-?

Monday, July 07, 2008

Cooking Class...

This is a story much much before my time... of when my Appa and Amma got married. Appa was doing his MD at Calicut Medical College when they got married and Amma was practicing. 

Since she had a bit of time off after her practice, Amma used rush home to experiment with new recipes that she came across in magazines and the likes. Infact, she still has a huge collection of recipes that she has tried and refined to perfection over the years. But in those early days her experiments were far from perfect and generally ended up burning a hole in the vessel used for the cooking. Her kitchen was akin to a high-school chemistry lab complete with everything from blasts to fumes to pungent smells to charcoaled faces!

The Guinea Pig for her cooking experiments was obviously my poor dad. But he generally put on a bold face and took all the torture in its stride. After all, he had to eat that or go to bed hungry. And there is a limit to how hungry you can stay! Besides, all the stray dogs in the area had already fled to nearby villages.

It was in this context that he was confronted one evening by one of Amma's latest experiments. It looked like some exotic soup, like some chinese preparation. It had chicken pieces and bean stalk and carrots and rice all mixed in a spicy gooey liquid. Though it dint look like much, Appa took a sip to taste it. And it tasted good. So he finished the entire soup and when Amma came back from the kitchen, he handed over the plate for a refill saying...

"Great Soup! What is it called?"

"Biriyani!!!" came Amma's irritated reply...


The final call

On a ring of fire
I wait, for it to burn thru
On the ring I sit
waiting for the final call...

There is no turning back
I know it to be impossible
To seek what cannot be gained 
is a folly we people oft make...

What for is this life
of utter useless waste
To be of someone great
is but something quite afar...

Why then must I live on
if not to be a burden on this beautiful earth
Hence I must travel
into the unknown world...

Into the world of eternal calm...

TOI teach

I got this mail from a friend of mine Aanand and felt it to be an important issue that i nee to pu out there. So if anyone feels they can help, Please do so.

Times of India (TOI) had always been trying to do something positive and this time they have come up with an amazing initiative of Teach India. This initiative is aimed at helping the underprivileged children who cannot go to schools. While we boast of our technological progress and massive GDP growth, we must not forget that India still have a very sizeable population which is illiterate and Below Poverty Line (BPL) living under inhuman conditions. As people who had been benefited by the progress, I think it is time for us to give back to the society and i feel Teach India is the best way of doing that.
Many of us would have had the wish of helping out the poor and needy but would have not known the way of doing it. TOI has now come with the brilliant initiative of Teach India where you can help to teach the real underprivileged Indians. This initiative is being kick started in the traditional metropolitan cities of Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata which has a very high number of poor people. All you need to do is to spend some time of your weekend for this noble initiative. You need to first go to the website
http://www.teach.timesofindia.com/index.aspx to register yourself as a volunteer to teach the kids. The necessary information regarding the Teach India initiative can be obtained here http://www.teach.timesofindia.com/about_teach_india.aspx. Alternatively you can also read through the free TOI electronic newspaper http://epaper.timesofindia.com/

I think we the younger generation of India are really eager to do something positive for the country's upliftment and Teach India is indeed a wonderful initiative which can be used to realize it. Do please join the initiative and try to do your small favor to the kids who would really like to come up in their life.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Mark Anthony - A contemporary speech

I've always wondered... What would it be like if Shakespeare were born to this age and time... Of course, it would mean that mankind would never have got a chance to experience his plays (since he would be busy writing blogs to give a damn...), but it does make you think dosen't it... Well, I've taken the liberty of translating a famous piece from Julius Caesar. 

First, the original...

Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears;
I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him.
The evil that men do lives after them;
The good is oft interred with their bones;
So let it be with Caesar. The noble Brutus
Hath told you Caesar was ambitious:..."

Now, the modern...

"Dudes, Dudettes, and Y'all, Jst chill awrite;
Caeser dude's goin 6 feet under, but I'm not here to give him the Props.
The dude was kinda wicked n we'll all remember that;
Righteous! is kinda lame n so we forget;
Ditto with Caesar. The Puffed-up dude Brutus 
told you Caesar was like ambitious or whatever:..."

On hindsight, I think its best to leave it Shakespeare where he belongs... back in those times when english made sense (!!??)


Friday, July 04, 2008

Spa treatments - The Modern Way!

Ancient India was a prosperous land. Back then, queens (and sometimes even common man) used to bathe in pure skimmed milk mixed with sandalwood paste and food was prepared with the choicest ingredients from all over the world laced with pure gold foils! 

The age of such extravagance is all over. Nowadays people cannot afford to live in the lap of such luxury. There is a general shortage of most food items and a it would be a crime to mankind to waste food.

But we need to keep up with our traditions right? So in modern India, milk has been substituted with something else... a beverage that flows ever more than before, thanks to all the Kingfishers and McDowells... 

Yes! Alcohol. Now, if you ask people who drink, they will expound the virtues of the drink. They will call it Amruth. They will talk about its healing powers. Apparently it helps every organ in the body. (All this is hosh-posh and there have been many studies conducted to this prove the bad effect of alcohol in any quantity. Please click here for details.)

So you dont believe me when i say Alcohol is the modern substitute for Milk-Sandalwood combo? Then why else is there this sign posted at the Thripparappu Waterfalls, that too by Govt. officials?

Ofcourse, you need to be naked (Jetty is Prohibited) for the alcohol to really really take effect and give you that fresh glow...

P.S: If you are still wondering... LIQUR is obviously french! (The indian Govt is very pro-western in its approach)


Wednesday, July 02, 2008

What a life!

For the last 2 days I’ve been having writers block. I don’t have anything to write or to report. Normally I write about day to day affairs or about my school days. Im blank now... And cant even seem to write straight.

This makes me wonder... Is this all that has happened to me all these 28 years? What a dismal life!