Saturday, September 20, 2008

Singapore Incidents 1 - Photo sessions

Anyone who has been to an arcade game centre (or a circus) will definitely have played the game "Popping Dolls". Basically, these stupid dolls keep popping up thru holes at random and you've got to hit them on the head to gain points. 

All thru my recent Singapore-Malaysia International study tour trip I was practically playing the game, albeit in a different way. I was playing it while trying to take pictures. 

Didn't quite get it eh? Well, picture this. Its quite the challenge getting pictures right when you are taking them on a DSLR on full Manual control (My friend Ganesh will agree, I tried teaching him the nuances of taking pictures using a DSLR during the trip). 

Finally, you manage to set up your camera to capture some good, picturesque shots. You click and look at the preview only to find a doll-like figure just popped into your frame! I swear you feel like playing the "Popping Doll" game on them!! Lucky for them, I only had my camera in my hand and not a hammer (or better a hatchet!)

So who were these doll-like figures? I call them the "Dumb Duo" - Miss Soumya B and Mr Aanand 

Some Pictures Below :) 

Who's Who!!??

Mr Peeker at Work!
The "Dumb Duo"
Miss Paris!

Head Shot
Peeka Booo.. Aint I a model?
Another one of them peekers - Abhishek
Ok! Once i got them covered!
There she goes again!


Saumya B said...

No other issues.... Just correct the spelling of my name
its sAumya :)

Aanand said...

My Image....
Total Damage...

P Murlidhar said...

Gr8 work Georgieee...

chetan P said...

very cheeky :)

Anonymous said...

Fantastic writeup