Sunday, November 23, 2008


Woke up at 6 AM
Class at 7:30 AM
Too sleepy to get out of bed

Slept for another 15 mins
Have to get my ass out of bed
Can't miss class

Got up and brushed
That really din't help wake me up
Decided a bath could do the trick

Dragged myself to the bathroom
Switched on the heater
In the mean time, took a quick 5 Mins standing snooze

Boiling hot water burnt thru my feet
Danced around a bit
Something out of a tribal ritual

Poured the warm water on me
Ohh! That felt good
Felt even more sleepy!

Reached out for my soap
A sever pain shot up my arms
My fingers were bleeding

What the @#$%&&*@& 
Who keeps a razor blade in the soap box??
But it woke me up all the same

I peered in to the soap box for the weapon
but dint find any there
All I saw was Mr V's Cintol soap

Then I realised
The weapon in question was indeed Mr V's soap
It had worn down so thin that it had the thickness and sharpness of a razor blade

Is this what happens to one when you give up our job to come and do an MBA???
Frugality, thy name is Mr V!

The Weapon in Question!

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