Monday, March 03, 2008

Having the cane (cake), and (b)eating it too

That I was quite the rotten apple when I was young would be an understatement!! I used to get under my moms skin, not study word, flunk all exams and basically waste my life away. This was what i used to do from class 1 to class 7. Well, I guess i was just like any other normal kid :D... Could I have been THAT bad, u ask? Well, hows this for proof? my mom used to take leave from hospital and come and sit at my school during my exams... y? cos I used to walk out of the exam hall 5 mins after the exam started :)... after I did that for the first few exams, my mom would come and sit outside the exam hall and promptly drive me back in if i came out... My poor mom... :) like I told u, I used to be quite the character back then...

I feel it had a lot, in fact everything, to do with the school i was in. St. Thomas Residential School... Apparently the best in the business in trivandrum... yea... I know... I was at trivandrum during my early years... but to me, that was one sick school... and i hated it with all my heart... if my mom had not made the decision to pull me outta there and shift me to cochin, i wud have become the worst person who walked the earth... a total uneducated duffer... well, since she did move me out, im now just a regular joe duffer :D

Anyway, thats a story for a later time.. Now, my mom had a cane (Chooral) with which she used to beat me black and blue when i did something wrong... I used to get a good dose of Chooral Kashayam almost on a daily basis... in my moms desparate attempts to right me... Then, the inevitable happened... NO, I dint right myself, rather the cane broke in two in the attempt!! (u can imagine the trashing I used to get if that had to happen :) ). I think this was when I was in 5th std or something... And the innocent, loving guy that I was, I felt really really bad that the cane broke because of me... I loved my mom a lot (still do) and I dint want her to feel bad... so what did I do? the logical thing ofcourse according to my 10 yr old mind... well the very next day when I came home from school, I had in my hand a longer and much more sturdy cane that I picked up from the school grounds which I presented to my mom, beaming, so that she cud continue trashing me :) they (my parents and sisters) still talk of this incident... :)


vinod said...

That was the sweetest gesture i've ever heard about!

Anonymous said...

You were quite a character then?
Don't worry, I assure you, you are quite a character even now ;) :D
You haven't lost a single bit of that characteristic charm around you. :P

Now, you know why I'm commenting anonymously. I don't want to be beaten up when/if I meet you next time. I just hope you have not figured out who I'm. :-SS

That was a very sweet act of you though. How great a mother she is to have this sweet kid. :)

Sapna said...

I can totally confirm this story. It is 100% true. I'm his sister. We had and still do have such a laugh over this.

I can also confirm that he was quite the lazy bones when it came to studies. Not only did our mom have to wait outside the exam room, she made me go to his class during breaks to copy all the stuff on the blackboard into my notebook (coz he would not have done it, esp malayalam) so that she could teach it to him at home!!

But, inspite of all that, we love him dearly. :-)