Friday, March 14, 2008

Truely Blue...

What comes to your mind when you hear the word Blue?

1) Colour
2) Sky
3) Men in Blue
4) Films? ;)

Im sure there are more that can be added to the list, but i stop here. And yes, i intentionally put Men in Blue and Films together.

Recenly i got a forward. It had the picture of the Indian cricket team being fecilitated after their fantastic win over the Monkeys... Oops i mean Aussies...

There were crowds of ppl throngin to catch a glimpse of our heros... there were kids looking up at them in awe... there were girls screaming and shouting... There were even men with tears (of joy or jealousy i do not know) in their eyes...

In the middle of all this were our heros. And did they notice all of them? did the Men in Blue wave at them? oh no, there were other things to do. Dhoni was autographing, Sachin was reminiscing... and Robin,Dinesh and Yuvraj? well, see for ur self :)


Truely Blue, Yes? :)

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