Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Fast & Furious...

Me: “Hey P, have a biscuit”
Miss P: “Biscuit?! What do I look like?”

Me: “Well, kinda like them effigies; All white, twisted and ready to go on fire! Why do you ask?”
Miss P: “Haa Haa. Very funny! I meant, dint you listen to our Business Communications Maam’? Biscuit means Dog Biscuit!”

Me: “That’s in the Americas dude! Not in good old India”
Miss P: “All the same... Anyway, I cant eat... I’m on a Fast”

Me: “Oh! How come?”
Miss P: “Its a long story... But to cut it short, when I was in Std 2 I prayed to god to let me pass in one of the exams. And since then I’ve been fasting every Monday of this month”

Me: “I see... And to think... I thought it was because you were slow! :D”
 and I felt a few of my teeth become misaligned!}
Miss P: “I’m not that slow!”

Me: “Hee Hee... But tell me frankly, aren’t you doing this Monday Fasting to get a good husband or something?”
Miss P: “I don’t have to! Ill get the best husband ever. Infact, it will be he who has to do the fasting to get me as a wife!” {Humph!!!}

Me: “Ya Right! It might just be the opposite!”
Miss P: {:-P} “Even if that dosen’t happen, my parents will find a good husband for me. That’s what I call CONFIDENCE!!”

Me: “And that’s what I call WISHFUL THINKING!!”


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