Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Placement song...

Adapted from Jim Reeves Merry Christmas Polka

This is Placement season 
So there isn't any reason 
We can't prance the Placement polka...
phone-bells ringing
Everybody's shouting
doing the GD polka...

freeze and chaos 
Makes everyone so potty 
And gloom just fills the air...
It's a
bloody screwed up time 
For a boy and a girl to get placed
While crying the Placement holler...

scary Placement polka
Let's howl, let's scream, let's shriek...
Everyone's so
The air is filled with dread...

Watch the sweet friends bluffing 
As they pace beneath the company logo
It's a sight to behold 
For the placed and the not-so-placed 
The meeeerrrrrry Placeeeement pooooolkaaaaaa...


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