Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My 5 Laws of Babies

People who are close to me would know the effect I have on kids. And by kids I mean newborns to 5 year olds.  

From my observations I've formulated a few Laws that seem to explain this phenomenon.

Law 1
Newborns (or any kind of baby) will instinctively cry if I'm somewhere around. 

Law 2
The crying will not stop until I am 10 Kms away from them (again instinct).

Law 3
Once the babies start crawling, they instinctively crawl in the opposite direction upon sensing my presence. And if they cant do that, then Law 1 applies followed by Law 2

Law 4
The moment I enter a room, all toddlers who are able to walk will spot its parent and run faster than a speeding bullet to go and hide behind the parent. A corollary to the rule is that they will also take to peeking from behind them from time to time. 

Law 5
As soon as they cross the magic age of 5, a transformation will take place where by they ensure that Law 1, Law 2, Law 3 and Law 4 will apply to me in that order :)

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