Thursday, May 01, 2008

I've become defenseless

Everyone has their own way of facing sticky and life threatening situations. Some find an alternate route to circumvent the situation. Some face the issue. Some even put their lives at risk and show heroism. 

I for one don't do any of the above. :-S 

 I have 2 extremely effective ways of escaping a scary situation. 

1) Run away - the most effective. :) 
2) Use my head - literally...  i use my hair as a defensive weapon.

Yes, I have a Sai Baba style hair. And my hair is probably the coarsest on planet earth. In fact, my friends use it to scrub grime off soiled plates. It is so coarse that I have a special barber trained in the delicate art to cut my hair. And it takes special equipment too. Considering that my  hair is probably the hardest naturally occurring substance known to man, it takes a specialised lawn shear tipped with some space age materials to get the job done. 

Now that you have a background about my hair, whats the technique I use in the face of an attack? Well, id like to think that Zidane learned the art of head-butting from me. All I need to do is face a potential attacker, run at him and head-butt him while also scratching the very skin off the area in question by shaking my head. You get the idea right? almost like a porcupine in attack position... only I'm more effective.

Chennai being Chennai (hot and humid), I had expected my hair to become even more lethal. and I was banking heavily on this aspect to get thru life at this city. But a week from landing here and taking bath in the salty murky waters of Chennai, my hair has started to from coarse and powerful to soft and silky!!! So much so that if this level of degradation were to continue, ill be modeling (at-least my hair) for Sunsilk shampoo soon. 

And ive all but lost my defense weapon... rendering me virtually defenseless :(

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