Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Role reversals of today...

In the days of yore (and by that I mean up until about 5 years back - Hey, thats days of yore nowadays!) whenever there was a marriage proposal at hand we used to hear the guys say things like:

"I want the girl to be able to cook"
"I want her to be respectful to elders" etc, etc, etc. 

And the gals would say things like:

"I want my husband to love me"
"I want to be able to bear him 3 children" 

All this seems to have changed in the last few years. Girls have become a little more demanding... Why, just today I heard my group mate Miss P say:

"I want my husband to cook for me"
"I want him to clean the house"
"I want him to wash the clothes"
"I want him to do the dishes"
"I want him to wait on me head and foot" 

My advice to her? Get married to a Software Engineer who has been onsite for atleast a year!!! 

P.S: Honestly, I'm really glad and relieved that she dint say "I want him to bear 10 kids for me!!!"


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