Sunday, May 11, 2008

Hamare Paas...

We were discussing work experience in class the yesterday. Most of us came out with figures like 3 years, 4 years etc... through all this Miss P (of Role fame) was quiet. When it came to her, she blurted out the figure.. 8 years!!! 

Woow... that was the highest years of experience I had heard here in class... Heck! that was the highest figure that I've heard even among my colleagues at the various companies that I have worked in!!! We were shell shocked at this revelation... especially since she dosen't look that old... (actually she is a very young n sweet person and has just 2 yrs of exp, she was exaggerating too...) I think she is taking a leaf outta my book... hmmm... gotta copyright this funny bizz ;)

Anyway, later during the day, we had a small falling out with another group over a project. Their arrogance was apparent in the way they tried to undermine us... One of the ladies in the group came up to us in the heat of the exchanges and in classic style stated...

"Hamare paas gaadi hai, latest laptops hai, mobile phones bhi hai... Tere paas kya hai??"

Pat came the reply from me pointing to Miss P... in true Shasi Kapoor melodrama... 
"Hamare paas... Maa hai!!" 


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