Wednesday, May 28, 2008

To Elope... or not to elope...

“Dear all,
I am getting married to Mr. A on 6th of June at Chennai.
It would be really nice blah blah blah..”

We got this mail from our classmate Miss R the other day. It was sent at 5 PM and since I was already home for day, I made a mental note to congratulate her the next day.

But as soon as I reached college the next day, another Miss R in class came up to me and said “Hey George, did you hear the news? Miss R is getting married to Mr A! Oh My GOD!! And its only been 3 weeks into our course!!”

I’m not the one to talk so I politely smiled at her and went about with my business. Up until then I dint know Miss R was marrying one of our own classmates. Maybe they knew each other before joining Great lakes.

No sooner had I entered the seminar hall did Mr S came upto me and said “Dude, you know the deal right? We are planning a party for the happy couple. We want Glick (the photography club at Great lakes) to cover the event.”

“Sure, but its on the 6th right? Don’t we have a Mid-Term on that day? “ I replied.

“Oh yeah! I dint think of that!” He ran off to discuss it with the group planning the party.

“Y’Know, you are right. I wonder how they are going to manage the Mid-Terms in between all this. Are the going to go get married and then write the the exams? Or are they going to write it and then go get married? Maybe they are going to get married right here in the hall... That way all of us will be saved of writing the exams.” That was a Miss L talking in a very hopeful tone.

The entire class was abuzz with the news.

Like, I heard Miss K say, “Woow.. Its chhooo chweet na? I think they make a lovely couple. Maybe we will have a Baby Great Laker by the end of the year too!! That’ll make us 166 in number!”
Or Mr D sayin “Man, Mr A is my roomie... And he never mentioned anything of the sort or even gave a hint that he knew Miss R!! Looks like we will need to put up an ad for a new roomie now”

Suddenly I heard a huge commotion at the back of the hall. And I could see Mr A talking animatedly. Not knowing what was happening, I enquired with the friend standing nearby “Dude what happened to Mr A?”

“Dunno, but he seems upset!” she replied.

There was a big uproar and Mr A announced “ITS A BIG FAT LIE. I’VE BEEN FRAMED. I haven't even talked to Miss R till now! How can I be marrying her?? Gerroffame.. I DON’T WANT YOUR CONGRATS!”

“Hey, you are Mr A from Anna Nagar right? It says so in the mail!” someone shouted.

“Yes, I’m A from Anna Nagar. But I’m definitely not the A that’s marrying Miss R!!!”

“Boss, looks like you are having second thoughts. Calm down and think it over.. Think of her...“

“Why should I think of her??! I don’t even know her!”

Ok, something was definitely wrong. I hate scandals, and this sure was turning out to be one. I needed to go to the class behind the seminar hall. On the way I had to pass Mr A. I tried avoiding eye contact. I hate having to listen to these sob love stories. But he wouldn’t let me pass without his explanation. “Someone believe me! Hey George, really man.. Its not true. Its all one big frame-up. Pleaseee”

“Alright.. Alright.. Dude, calm down. Go and talk to Miss R and see why she sent the mail out. Hey, maybe she like you!” I tried consoling him.

“But I’m not ready for a relationship! I’m here to study! Cummon guys, stick with me!!”

I got out of that awkward situation soon enough and sat down at an empty seat waiting for the Prof. to come to class.

Then there was a second uproar and I heard a girls voice, screaming at the top of her voice... It gradually trailed away.. .as if she ran out of the hall. People rushed into the seminar hall to get a look. Apparently Miss R had come to class and Mr A went chasing after her!

We didn’t see either of them for the rest of the day... Rumours were abundant and floating about like dust. None of us concentrated in class that day. We were all excited about the entire incident. Groups were already formed to handle he situation. Some supporting Miss R, some Mr A... All in all, it was one of the most exciting days in college...

Later in the evening we got a mail from Miss R which cleared up the entire controversy.

“Hello everyone, 
I seem to have created some confusion by mentioning that I am getting married to A as if its someone you know. 
Well I’m writing this to clear that confusion. This guys name is A B and it’s not someone any of you know.
 Sorry about the confusion.
R D”

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Anonymous said...

Lol! Hilarious... :D Cant believe this really happened...