Thursday, May 01, 2008

An Obituary!

"I'm so sorry for your loss..." This is a sentence oft expressed at funerals. This was uttered to me today by one of my classmates though in a different setting and situation. 

The conversation between Miss D and Me went as thus:

Me: Hey D... Good Morning! :)
D: Hey George... GM! :)

After she had settled down, I asked her...

Me: Listen, what's the name of that tall, fair girl who looks like a foreigner?
D: It's S! You din't know that? 
Me: Ahh.. Yes... now I remember...

With a sly twinkle in her eyes, she looked at me and said... 

D: Why George, what's with the inquisitiveness? Hmm? Why all the questions?
Me: Dude! She is the only other person in class with a Mac! And hey, if you dint know... Im happily married you know!

She dint even hesitate to think... and immediately replied...

D: Oh! Im so sorry George!


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