Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Fast track to success...

How would you define a fast track MBA program?

Is it finishing Operations Management in 5 days, 4 hours each and being done with 1 Quiz, 1 group case study and a finals in the allotted 20 hrs?

Or finishing Marketing management with 2 Quizzes, one group project and one finals in 20 hours

Or finishing Corporate Finance in the equal span of 20 hours but with 13 extra pre-readings (other than text chapters), 3 Quizzes, 1 finals, 1 individual case study and one group project?

ow about this: Having to read and understand the entire Bhagavath Gita (A 200 page book from Ramakrishna Math), a complicated research paper on “The Epic Period” and Vivekananda’s discourse on “The Sages of India” in one SINGLE night?

Well, I think the last one defines it the best.

MBA at Great lakes is so truly fast track that it makes me dizzy!!!

Oh! and BTW, all these are happening in parallel...


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