Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Meditation, its not always what it seems...

My first job was at Bangalore and being a bachelor way back then (Yea, it was along time back), I stayed with a bunch of my equally bachelor school friends - Vinod, Rohit, Anoob and Shyam. All the 5 of us used to be cramped in a tiny 1 BHK house. I mean the place was so tiny that to go to the toilet, you had to turn your bum to face the indian toilet, move in gingerly, make sure you had your plastic mug in your hands and then just sit. And for the next 5-10 mins, you can enjoy the clostrophobic feeling of a "made-to-order" size toilet.

My friends are great guys... truely world class. Each has his own set of tales. Ill talk about them sometime i guess. Anoob was a major Bhakt of Sri Sri Ravi Shanker. If he could help it, he would not for the world miss his morning and evening Art of Living yoga sessions. All of us would wake up to the enchanting sounds of his "OOooMMmm" and heavy breathing exercises.

As I mentioned, he did his yoga in the mornings and evenings. So we were surprised to hear him chant the Mantra in the afternoon. As was the custom at our house, no one disturbed him. But his "OOooMMmm"s became increasingly regular and one too many. We were wondering why he was chanting so many "OM"s. After a while, we could take it no more and decided to see what he was really upto.

We opened the door to bedroom to find Anoob lying on the bed as if contempltating though he had a distorted look on his face... Just as we were about to ask him abou all the "OM"s, he let out another even louder one...

"UUUuuuMMMMmmmm" We realised, He had just had a heavy lunch and he was burping..



shyam said...

baba georgiyananda "Kuru" ji samathichirikkunnu
aa "OOooMMmm" athrayum length venamaayirunno?
enthaayalum patter paranja poley villikumbozhokkey busy
pakshey blogs nnu oru kuravum illa
so u hv learnd to manage ur tme effectively

Anonymous said...

Thats a nice blog. I keep wondering how do you get these ideas. :) How you could connect the burp to omm etc .

Thats was a nice read.

Anonymous said...
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