Sunday, June 22, 2008

My monthly period...

"Om Shanthi..."

"Filled full with Brahman are the things we see,
Filled full with Brahman are the things we see not,
From out of Brahman floweth all that is,
From Brahman all -- yet he is still the same."

"Remember.. your aim in life should be to attain ultimate happiness"

"Do your Karma without expecting anything back, and you will attain the ultimate goal of any being... Moksha"

"Your Karma, or your actions, determines your reincarnation"

"All Karma has good and bad side... what is good for one person might be bad for another... hence there is no point in worrying about it... just do your best"

"If you think bad things, then your Karma will be bad... but instead if you think good things, then your Karma will be good"

"Freedom is the ultimate goal of every soul... and your Karma will determine if you achieve it or not"

"Don't be attached to your work... be free... don't have bondage... let go of all attachment"

Ok... Ok... I've not gone mad with the Upanishads (thanks to Great lakes). This "holy pain in the behind" transformation happens to me every month. Well, its only natural for me. It is my Life. It is my Lakshya... for the lord has commanded that once a month I turn into Sri Satya Sai Georgeaananda Baba!

The only way to Moksha is to shave my head... Om Shanthi... 



Joseph said...

Oh glorious godly guruji georgie.. Thank God you are in Chennaii :) Had you been anywhere in gods odana country, this revelation would have been next to the ultimate foolish risk. You know what happened of Santosh Madhav.. :) and his CDs ;)

BTW, good attempt at PS... you're almost there. :). and you look like Bobby Farrell..

Suryya Sarkar said...

wonderful pic ;->

Anonymous said...

Looks like you guys having fun!

Adding you to the blogroll, Champion!


Suman said...

i really thot u had freaked out .. hehe gud hairstyle ... were u born to make ppl laugh or r u practising it ... its workin for sure .. splyy lukin at dat pic of urs... hehe reamarkable .. b careful ... ppl may put u in jail regardin da fake baba cases dats haapenin in kl... hehe