Friday, June 13, 2008

Stupid Reliance...

Wonder who thought up that name for the company. They are anything but reliable! 

For instance the latest Reliance Power IPO. Its was such a failure that even Mr Anil Ambani dint want the company's shares and was handing it out to anyone who would take it away from him!

Another case: My Reliance net connect does not work at my house anymore. It works only when I bring it to college. (and hence my not posting any blogs for the last 2 days). They told me I would get speeds of upto 144 Kbps. I should have guessed they included ZERO in that upto condition :-S So now I'm stuck with a connection that seldom works, gives me blaaaazing speeds of upto 7 Kbps (Including ZERO) and costs me Rs 1500 per month + tax! Aint I a lucky guy! 

BTW, would anyone be interested in buying the connection from me? 



Liya said...

Are you trying to market a product which you have tried and disposed in public? Wrong strategy,I say;-)

No Escape... said...

See.. .thats marketing courtesy Great Lakes :-D

No Escape... said...
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