Sunday, June 15, 2008

Notebooks... Old and New

June 1st week used to be a dreaded time for me for most part of my life. Thats when school reopened after 2 months of summer vacations. My mom used to have all my books ready, texts and notes, covered by brown paper or plastic cover in the hope that I would somehow metamorphose into a model student. Sadly that never happened... She still dreams of how good it would have been to have an IIT-ian son!

Its a different matter that all the covered books would somehow become unwrapped in a matter of just 2 days. I'm still to unravel the mystery in the above mentioned unraveling. but it wasn't me who did it... honest ;) 

I thought that was the last I would see of covered notebooks. How wrong I was... 

There are all  kinds of people with all kinds of modern notebooks (read laptops) in my MBA class. But what I dint expect to find is a reminiscent of my school days in a modern form. 

Plastic covered Notebook! Take a look...


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