Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Birthday Blues...

I met Smrithi when we were studying in 9th std. Though she hated my guts in the first year of our acquaintance, we quickly went on to become best of friends. We became such thick friends that we would spent every free time we had at school chatting with each other and then come home and be on the phone for another 2 hours more. And this used to be a daily affair. Even though we went on to doing different things in life (she became a dentist while I am an engineer), our friendship has not wavered over the years.

Smrithi used to be called ‘Kandu’ short for ‘Kandamrugham’ (hippopotamus). I don’t know how the name originated, but I cud definitely relate to it. She used to stomp all over me. One small flick with her arms, and I would fly half way across the room and land in a heap I some obscure corner. The only time I got to kick her ass was during exam times when I used to teach her physics, chemistry and math. And boy did I make good the opportunity! But it never did her any damage, she being a Kandu and all.

I could probably fill an entire volume the size of the Mahabharatha writing about Smrithi, but for this piece ill stick to one major bone of contention between us – the issue of remembering birthdays.

We boys are mostly bad at remembering important dates and so for the last 12 years I’ve invariably got a call from her on 8th July without fail...

Smrithi: “Hii..”
Me: “Hey.. Wazzaup”

: “Nothing much”
Me: “Alrite.. Cool”

Smrithi: “So, did you forget something?”
Me: “Errr....”

Smrithi: “Today is 8th of July”
Me: “Errr....”

Smrithi: “What’s special about today?”
Me: “Hmm... Its 4 days after 4th of July?”

Smrithi: “Grrr... No! Its my Brithday!!”
Me: “Oh! Ok!”

: “Then say the magic words”
Me: “Umm.. ‘Give me a treat’?”

Smrithi: “Ooff... you are impossible!”
Me: “I know :-D”

This year I decided that past was past and that I would sprout a new leaf. On the 8th of July, as the clock struck 12AM, I sent her a warm SMS wishing her. I dint want to call her, not because I dint want to disturb her tranquil sleep, but cos I dint want to disturb and wake up her really cute twin 2 year old boys.

I dint get a reply until 7 Am. I expected an outflow of emotion (Yea.. She is very emotional). I expected her to cry her heart out. I expected a truck load of adoration. I expected sincere thanks. I expected to be called for a fabulous dinner as a token of appreciation. I expected all this, afterall I DID finally remember her birthday!! (For once!)

But when the reply SMS came, it simply said “Who’s this?”


P.S: Actually her husband bought her a new mob and when she transferred her contacts, my number was somehow missed out... Atleast that what she says... :-?

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