Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Writing is tuff work... trying to write humour is tuffer... and actually being funny is tuffest! 

As i have already said in a couple of posts, my aim for the month is to write at least one article a day. And i have said this whenever i had a missing day. As in, when nothing came to my head (as is usual) I wrote im supposed to be writing and just for the heck of it, i posted such articles with 2 sentences. 

I think i should have made my goal a bit more concrete and said ill post one funny article a day. Again its easy to cheat the system. All i need to do is post funny videos from youtube. But it again beats the purpose as im supposed to be writing funny articles myself.

So what have i learned over the last 20-odd days? That i have run out of funny incidents to write about, that i have had a life that can be summed up in less than 20 days, that i shall never ever take up such a challenge again. 


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Liya said...

tuff tough??