Friday, July 11, 2008

The modern day bullies...

Child: "WWaaaaaahhhhh.... WWaaaaaahhhhh....."

Mom: "What is it Beta?"

Child: "I want my lolly..."

Mom: "Beta, you are not old enough to have a lolly..."

Child: "WWaaaaaahhhhh.... want my lolly..."

Mom: "Beta, look around... even your elder brother has not got a lolly..."

Child: "But... but..."

Mom: "Now, stop sounding like a moped and calm down..."

Child: "Mama.. when will i get a lolly?

Mom: "It will be atleast 2 years from now... when you have grown enough teeth bite the lolly"

2 years later...

Child: "Mom... are you getting me my lolly?"

Mom: "You are still not ready for a lolly..."

Child: "I am too... and don't think i dint know about you giving lolly to big bro after just 1 year!"

Mom: "Now, that was different... he deserved it. Dint you see the menacing teeth he had? You also got bitten once right?"

Child: "Yea, but now i have such teeth. See? {EEeeee}"

Mom: "Hmm so i see..."

Child: "So, are you giving me my lolly or what?"

Mom: "Well, what did Aunty Hira say?"

Child: "She told me that i should not be sad about not getting lolly this year!"

Mom: "Don't you think you should listen to Aunty Hira? Afterall she is a dentist. She might pluck out a few of your teeth if you don't"

Child: "Oh No you don't! Don't try that old trick on me... Im not falling for it!"

Mom: "I'm not pulling any trick Beta.. Honest!" {crossed fingers}

Child: "If you don't give me my lolly, I'm going to shift in with Kanom Aunty"

Mom: "Oh! I'm sure you won't!"

2 days later Mom got this note from the Child...

"I shall be shifting in with Kanom Aunty. She has promised me 2 lollies and also ginger sweet every other day! See you. I shall be clearing my stuff out this weekend"

Mom was in panic mode. The kids today have a very bad habit of doing wht they say... and she can't even do anything about it coz if she tried, the kid would call child support!

Mom: "Ok Beta. All the lollies are out of stock at the moment. So you will have to wait for a couple of days before i can get it for you ok?"

Child: "Well, you better! else im outta here..."

And so it is with kids (big and small) nowadays...


Hint: Look at label for clues.

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