Thursday, July 24, 2008

A very right thing to say...

My good friend Anoob (another article about him Here) has a peculiar way of either saying the very right things or the very wrong things ALL the time. For him there is no middle path. Its not that he thinks about the answers before saying it. It just comes to him spontaneously. He is too innocent at that.

Anoob did his engineering from a college in Bangalore along with my other friends Vinod and Shyam. As is usual for all engineering students across the country, they too would start studying for the term exams only a few days before it. So, in accordance to tradition, the three of them were busy studying with full concentration the day before a particularly difficult subject.

After while of futile efforts at understanding the subject, Shyam, who was sitting in the front room, out of shear frustration began to sing “Ennu theerum ente dukham innimannile...”. This is a Malayalam song that is usually sung in churches during funerals and it means “When will my troubles in this world be over...”.

The beauty of Anoobs innocence and spontaneity was revealed in full when within a fraction of a second he sang back to Shyam “Annu theerum ENTHE dukham innimannile...” meaning “Then MY troubles in this world will be over...”


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