Friday, July 04, 2008

Spa treatments - The Modern Way!

Ancient India was a prosperous land. Back then, queens (and sometimes even common man) used to bathe in pure skimmed milk mixed with sandalwood paste and food was prepared with the choicest ingredients from all over the world laced with pure gold foils! 

The age of such extravagance is all over. Nowadays people cannot afford to live in the lap of such luxury. There is a general shortage of most food items and a it would be a crime to mankind to waste food.

But we need to keep up with our traditions right? So in modern India, milk has been substituted with something else... a beverage that flows ever more than before, thanks to all the Kingfishers and McDowells... 

Yes! Alcohol. Now, if you ask people who drink, they will expound the virtues of the drink. They will call it Amruth. They will talk about its healing powers. Apparently it helps every organ in the body. (All this is hosh-posh and there have been many studies conducted to this prove the bad effect of alcohol in any quantity. Please click here for details.)

So you dont believe me when i say Alcohol is the modern substitute for Milk-Sandalwood combo? Then why else is there this sign posted at the Thripparappu Waterfalls, that too by Govt. officials?

Ofcourse, you need to be naked (Jetty is Prohibited) for the alcohol to really really take effect and give you that fresh glow...

P.S: If you are still wondering... LIQUR is obviously french! (The indian Govt is very pro-western in its approach)


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