Friday, July 25, 2008

Inflation... how will we survive??

Inflation is the buzz word of the day. For the past few months all of India has been gripping in unprecedented rise in inflation culmination at close to 12% last week and there seems to be no sign of it going down any time The trouble is when it affects the very basic of food items that we consume on a day to day basis.

Even at the Great Lakes Simla Canteen inflation has raised its ugly head. We don’t get the sweet dessert for lunch now and a cake of Maggie noodles costs Rs 15. As a matter of fact, in one case we have been hit by much much more than the standard 12% inflation! 

And that too for a food item that most of us survive on... An item that give us the strength to carry thru the entire night... that VITAL FORCE!

Don’t believe me? Calculate then! The price of Sunfeast milk biscuit has gone up by Re 1 from Rs 3 to Rs 4!!

Thats 33.33% inflation!!! 

How will I survive now??? Boo Hoo Hoo...


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