Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Lateral thinking...

At Great Lakes we come across (thru Profs or thru cases) many innovative ways of doing business. We also come across many even more innovative answers... Miss 1984 gave such an innovative answer to a question today (albeit, only to me) that it left me laughing so much that I finally got stomach cramps!

Our IT for Managers Prof. Dr Sunil Rai told us of a real life sales situation today. The case goes like, a major retail chain in the US experimented by placing Beer bottle packs right next to baby diapers. To their surprise they found that the sales of the beer soared! Why? 

Many answers were shot out, most pretty standard... someone said it was because it was placed close to the exit... someone said it was because it was priced low... (incidentally, nothing like low price or proximity to exit was mentioned by Prof. Rai)

Well, the real answer, Prof Rai told us, was that when these guys come to pick up diapers for their babies, they invariably pickup a pack of beer (maybe to drown their sorrows in)...

Hearing the answer Miss 1984 quickly turned to me and said in a hushed voice "That is why, eh?? I thought the diaper was because they would wanna go pee pee after drinking the beer YA!!"

Now, THAT'S lateral thinking!!!

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