Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Some ppl just don't get the hint...

There are many kinds of girls. Some are born beautiful. Some acquire it thru makeup and things. Some have no other option but to do reconstructive surgery! 

In any case, girls just love it when we give them a compliment. They light up... they flash a lovely smile... And if we comment on their lovely smile in the first place, they will smile even more and make you want to change your opinion. 

Like the talk I had with a girl recently. She is all smiles all the time...

Me: "Its good that you can smile at most things
Miss So&So: "Oh! thank You!"

Me: "No! I mean it"
Miss So&So: "Okies..."

Me "Of course it helps that you have a lovely smile" But I just couldn't resist the urge to say.. "In fact its Out of this World!!"

Miss So&So: "Oh! Thanks George!" and she smiled even more...

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